About us

CODELAB company started its activity in 2022. Despite the fact that our company was established in a short time, it has a team of professional specialists who worked in this field for a long time. Our company implements automation of financial-accounting and management processes in any fields of trade, service, construction, production and business by application of software” 1C Enterprise". In addition, it also provides installation of various types of commercial equipment, IT and Web Services. Today, CODELAB is an official 1C:Franchisee of 1C and an official partner of companies such as "1C-Bitrix", "MOBI-C", "Pits", "Scanport" and "Effector". Our goal is to establish long-term, healthy cooperative relations based on mutual respect and trust by providing high-level, quality service to our customers based on the principles of customer satisfaction and professionalism. Our goals are same!