"Mobi-C" - mobile trading software

Mobile trade program "Mobi-C" is a software for complex automation of the work of sales representatives of trade enterprises engaged in collecting orders and conducting sales operations at retail points, which can be integrated with the software "1C".


Advantages of "Mobi-S":

  • Saving time and additional costs;
  • Operational GPS monitoring of the work of sales representatives;
  • Possibility of application in a short time;
  • Easy interface;
  • Reports, results of work.

"Mobi-C" versions:
  • "Mobi-C" license key for 1 PDA
  • "Mobi-C Pro" license key for 1 PDA
  • The transition from "Mobi-C" to "Mobi-C Pro"
  • The server part and integration module for 1C