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Agent Plus

 Agent Plus: Mobile Trade

Mobile application for sales representative’s automation

The product is for manufacturers, national, federal and regional wholesalers, distributors

Manage relationships with outlets:

  • Increase sales representative’s productivity by 20-30%

  • Staff movement control

  • Reducing personnel of office operators

  • Elimination of the costs for paper media

  • Revenue growth

Opportunities for sales representatives:

  • Well-planned and clear route visiting of outlets

  • Order information comes into your system instantly
  • Always with you detailed and current data range, balances in stock and orders, outlets debts
  • set specific tasks for retail outlets

  • You can always browse the sales plan and the percentage of its performance

  • Work with the mobile device will get rid of unnecessary paper carriers

Data exchange with corporate accounting systems is based on "1C: Enterprise".

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Agent Plus: Distribution management

Industry solution for manufacturers and distributors automation

Opportunities for supervisors and managers of sales department:

  • Sales management in retail outlets

  • Setting targets for sales representatives and monitoring their implementation

  • Operational data acquisition by sales representatives

  • Control of staff location and movement

  • Monitoring competitors' activities

  • Reporting: sales, stock, availability of the product range, accounts receivable and others.

Technical features:

  • The product is developed on "1C: Enterprise 8.3" platform

  • Integration with information systems: 1C "Trade Management" 10 and 11; 1C "Manufacturing Enterprise Management"; 1C "ERP" 2.0

  • Integration with mobile solutions, "Agent Plus: Mobile trade"; "1C: Mobile trade»

Implementation is carried out without any changes in your system

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1C: Mobile trade

"1C: Mobile commerce" application is intended for automation of sales representatives with mobile devices. It is used by wholesale and distribution companies, production plants, who have in staff employees who are responsible for visiting retail outlets, collecting orders for the supply of goods from the warehouse.

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