Alizade Ismail Hikayat

Position: 1C Developer


  • "1С:Professional" In the administration of systems based on the 1C platform:Enterprise 8" (ПАдм8002519)
  • "1С:Professional" On the subsystem "International Financial Accounting" in "1C:ERP Enterprise Management 2" (ПМУ800002725)
  • "1С:Professional" on technological issues (ПЭK800030376)
  • "1С:Professional" Payroll and HR management 8 (ПУП80054835)
  • "1С:Professional" On knowledge of the basic mechanisms and capabilities of the 1C platform:Enterprises 8 (ПП880155454)
  • "1С:Professional" Trade Management 8 (ПУТ880068437)