Prolink Caspian

Prolink Caspian holds one of the leading positions in the market of construction equipment, material handling and spare parts supply with a focus on the rentals, sales and service needs of each individual customer.

"Prolink Caspian" has been assessed and registered against Quality Assurance Standard, ISO 9001:2008 Construction and handling equipment sales and after sales support.

Our complex approach to the service arrangement includes high-skill pre-sales, warranty and after-sales service, maintenance and spare part supply.

The company currently has point of sales and service station in Baku, with the aim of delivering the best quality service to its customers all around Azerbaijan.

PROLINK CASPIAN gives guarantee for all technique.

We offer a flexible price system to our customers – retail, wholesale, special (depends on the purchase amount) prices; various payment schemes: credit, leasing, delay of payment (for principal and regular customers).

Our customers are the representatives of small- and medium-scale business as well as representatives of largest local and joint venture construction and service companies as SOCAR, BP, Azerbaijan Amelioration and Water Management OJSC, AS Group, Hydroinshaat, AKKORD, Gilan Holding, ZQAN Holdind, McDermott, Halliburton, CSS, Aral Group, SDL, Lotos. Co Ltd., Azertunelsutikinti, Aikon CPIT, Evian Group, MCG, Azimport, Hidro Group etc.