Quliyev Nizami Tahmasib

Position: Specialist-consultant
  • "1С:Professional" Payroll and HR management 8 (ПУП8051542)  
  • "1С:Professional" On knowledge of the basic mechanisms and capabilities of the 1C platform:Enterprises 8 (ПП880135654)  
  • "1С:Professional" Accounting 8" for Azerbaijan (ПБАЗ8087)  
  • "1С:Professional" Trade Management 8, 11.4 (ПУТ88064228)  
  • "1С:Professional" In the administration of systems based on the 1C platform:Enterprise 8" (ПАдм81184)  
  • "1С:Professional" On the subsystem "International Financial Accounting" in "1C:ERP Enterprise Management 2" (2.5) (ПМУ8002421)  
  • "1С:Professional" 1С:Company management 8 for Azerbaijan, (1.6) (ПУКАз8013)
  • "1С:Professional" on technological issues (ПЭK800030463)
  • "1C: Specialist-consultant. Trade Management 8 (CS77083)
  • "1C: Specialist-consultant. "1С:Management of our company 8" implementation of the application solution (CS77084)
  • "1C:Specialist" for configuring the 1C platform:Enterprise 8" (CS77105)